Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It Takes Two

Does God really speak today? Will He speak personally to me? If I listen, will He speak in such a manner that even I can understand? Thank God, the answer is yes! And believe it or not, God Himself wants all of us to hear what He is saying-more than any of us do!

Fellowship is not a one-way road. It takes at least two, with both parties-in one another's presence-sharing attentively in some kind of communion. Our relationship with our heavenly Papa was never meant to be a long-distance telephone conversation.

"Available" is God's middle name. He is just aching to spend time alone with each of us. He yearns to hear from us. He wants us to know how attentive He is.

As I travel in my ministry, I am often away from home for days at a time. On top of that my 4 kids live in 4 different states! So I have to diligently attempt to keep in touch with what is happening at home and in my kids lives. Using today's wonderful technology-texts, emails, phone calls and such-we all attempt to be in touch. But cell phone calls and text messages do not compare or replace being with them in person! Sometimes I just need a hug! True love requires being together. The greatest key to hearing God's voice is cultivating a love-based relationship.

As for me, I want to hear His voice and intimately know Him, not just on a casual basis, but also on a daily, vibrant one. Join me and thousands of others who are learning to hear the Master's beckoning voice by leaning our ear toward Him. Go on a journey of beginning to hear (and love hearing) God's voice.

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  1. I was born again 12 yrs ago. I was so frustrated that it seemed everyone could hear the Lord except me. Finally today I walk in confidence that I really do hear His voice. I have a lot of advice for those who struggle in this area. But I will just say that one of the biggest barriers I had to overcome was that I had a fear of hearing Gods voice, that He would tell me, go do this or that & I would not want to obey. I want to say it is not like that for me. Yes He stretches me & things can get uncomfortable but those are not as common as a peace-filled dialogue of the Lord telling me His perspective, His love, how He is leading me into a season of healing & gentle reminders to trust Him. I encourage all to not allow themselves to be cheated out of this life-changing experience. You can hear from the Lord & not be super-spiritual, on some plane that only a select few attain. He will train you but it requires trusting Him & obeying Him. That's all. I feel like I'm preaching now. So I'll stop.

  2. There is nothing more awesome than hearing my Daddy's voice telling me how much he loves me & the awesome gifts & plans He has for my life. I love spending time in His presence. I agree that we need each other & those warm hugs from the special people in our lives.