Sunday, May 8, 2011


A Tribute to My Mother – on Mother’s Day 2011
Amanda Elizabeth Burns Goll
Amanda Elizabeth Burns was born on April 17, 1924 in rural Missouri to William and Hattie E. Burns. She was the youngest of four children – preceded in birth by her brother Arnold, and sisters Grace Mae and Maude. She loved Jesus from an early age and was a dedicated church member and community worker all her life. She primarily was a praying mom!
She was a WWII war bride marrying Kenneth Wayne Goll of Braymer, MO on April 24, 1944. Together they had three children and resided in Cowgill, MO most of their years together. PaPa – or Wayne – worked hard and faithfully ran a Lumber Yard for years in both Braymer and Polo, MO. Dad went to be with the Lord in 1997. It seems like yesterday that we made gallons of home made ice cream and shot fire works on the 4th of July! Miss ya Dad!
Sandra Sue Goll (Brown) was the first born in 1946. She later married Curt Brown and together they had two wonderful children. They reside in Sanford, NC, and are proud grandparents of 3 grandchildren.
Barbara Ann Goll, the middle child, was born in 1949, became a RN and was formerly a missionary in Mexico. She continues to live in Cowgill, MO in the family homestead.
Jimmy (James) Wayne Goll was born in 1952 and married the endearing Michal Ann Willard in 1976. We were married for 32 years before she passed into eternity in September 2008. Together Jim and Ann had four miracle children. I, James, continue to live in Franklin, TN in our family home of eleven years. Our four adult children all love the Lord and live in various parts of the U. S. My youngest and my oldest have both married great spouses in the past 8 months and all the kids are pursuing their dreams in God.
But this Tribute is to my Mom.
My big hearted mother greatly shaped my life. Mom or MeMe, as the grandkids so fondly called her, suddenly graduated into her heavenly abode on Sunday, August 3, 2003 at her home in Cowgill, Missouri.
She was far from perfect, but she knew where to run to for help – for her help was in the Lord. For me she was living, walking model of forgiveness. I saw her live it every day. She imprinted my life with the spirit of prayer and dedicated my life to Jesus before I was ever conceived – let lone born. Her prayers guide me to this day to be all that I can be in Christ Jesus. I thank the Lord for the life of “Mandi” as so many friends warmly called her. She was known county wide for her many quilts and hundreds of quarts of corn, green beans, and every other fruit and vegetable. I think her full time job was being a prayer gardener.
I composed a list in the last year of the top ten people who have impacted my life the most. Two women are in the top 5 of that list – my mom and my dear late wife. Yes, they are both enormously missed.
I want to take a moment and also honor Michal Ann’s mother – Dorris Grace McCoy Willard. She was an amazing wife, school teacher, mother of four and lived a life for God and her family. When she first saw my blue eyes she knew I was going to marry her and Davis’ only daughter. Though I might have been somewhat different, she accepted me. For this and so much more, I am grateful today!
Mother’s – what an amazing creation! What amazing plan! I miss them all today – on Mother’s Day 2011…. And my grandmother’s as well!
So I blow some kisses heavenward today. I thank the Lord for my dear mom. She sacrificed often, prayed often and honored the Lord with her last breath. She graduated putting on her red shoes to go to church, simply fell back into her bed and she departed. Amanda Elizabeth Burns Goll was one of my heroes.
I am so grateful for eternity – for heaven – and God’s great plan of salvation through work of the cross of Christ Jesus.
We are only separated for a short while! But till then, Jesus, if it is okay – tell Amanda Elizabeth, Dorris Grace and my darling Michal Ann – thank you. You all did well!
With Tears and Great Thankfulness!
Jimmy – Jim – James Wayne Goll
Franklin, TN