Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Tribute to a Proverbs 31 Woman

One of the greatest honors I have ever had in my life time, was to be married for 32 ½ years to the only woman I have ever loved – Michal Ann Goll. She was my prize, my joy, the one that lightened my load with her disarming laugh and cheerful demeanor. She was my angel. She was my friend. I never laughed, cried or prayed with anyone as much as I did with my Annie.

I remember in May of 1975 when I went on a morning walk and I was conversing with the Holy Spirit out loud. I asked the Lord the famous question, “Who’s for me?” To my amazement, He responded as clearly to me that day as if you were speaking to me. He said, “Ann Willard.” I said “Who?” “He said Ann Willard.”

I persisted and curiously asked again, “Who is for me?” The Lord responded so gently and yet firmly, “Ann Willard. Not only that, but you will be outwardly engaged by September and will marry on the following May 15th.” I liked what I heard and that was that. God spoke, I believed it and it came to pass just like He said.

And That Was That!

We had never been on a date, never really did. But sure enough, by July we were attending Bible Studies together and by September we were outwardly engaged. And yes, by the following May 15th, 1976, we were married. Amazing when you look back on it. Our life together was marked by the voice of the cooing dove of God.

So the 15th is one of those significant dates in my life. On another 15th, of September 2008, my darling and the mother of our four miracle kids, slipped through the very thin veil and graduated to be with the lover of her soul – Jesus. She has been worshipping before His throne now for the last 4 years.

My Personal Musings

Sometime I journal and ask intriguing questions…. “Have you seen the four living creatures? What are they really like?” “What is your mansion like? Have you visited with those in your Heroes Hall of Fame that you wrote about in your Women on the Frontlines trilogy?”

They say the pain subsides as time goes by. You pick up the pieces and just move on…. But time does not heal, only God does. I miss watching her shake her head and roll her brown eyes and simply say, “Now Jim!”

While I still have some strides to make in moving forward in dealing with grief and loss, there is one thing I know for sure.  I am one of the most grateful men on the planet - cause few have ever had the honor I have had – to be married to Michal Ann Willard Goll and have four miracle children together: Justin, GraceAnn, Tyler and Rachel.

As a Tribute to a Proverbs 31 Woman, I wanted to bring before you once again a portion of her hand written will and testament.

Last Will and Testament of Michal Ann Goll

         I, Michal Ann Goll, being of sound mind and deposing of memory do make and publish this Last Will and Testament.

         It has been my goal and desire to love the Lord with all my heart all the days of my life. My desire is to leave with my family, friends and ministry partners a challenge to always love and honor God with all your life. I request that you not forget the poor that Jesus died for and that you carry on my ministry of Compassion Acts to the world.

         Michal Ann Goll

We love you Annie! We miss you so much! But we are carrying on and the family is growing. So today I thank the Lord once again for one of the most authentic Christians I ever met – my late wife, Michal Ann Willard Goll. Thank you Lord, for speaking to me that spring morning in May 1975!

In Loving Memory,

James W. Goll