Thursday, March 28, 2013


Let’s Push the Restart Button! 

As most of you know, I released 8 Clear Words recently in both written and audio form. Out of all the 8 points I personally relate the most to the third clear word on “It’s Time to Push the Restart Button.” It relates to me on a personal, ministerial, my city and according to your feedback, many other people’s live, hopes and dreams. So let’s take a look at this as it relates to EN•PS•CA.


We have a launch date for the long awaited God Encounters Network E-School of the Heart - where faith and life meet. So the count down is on. Beginning on April 1st you can sign up at to register. Sorry for the delay, but I promise you, it will be worth the wait. We will begin with 8 classes and add 2 approximately each month. It is all in digital and hard copy formats including new MP3 and MP4 formats!


 Yes, it is time to PUSH the Restart Button for the Network Prayer Warriors who in the past have made up our Ministry Prayer Shield. We need you. In the past, you had to sign up for a specific day to participate. We have shifted it up and made it much more user friendly. In fact, in our fresh emphasis, you get to pick themes that you want to especially carry. So sign up today and you will also be an “honorary Prayer Storm partner” and thus receive the monthly Prayer Storm mailing and MP3. Click here to sign up now to be a Network Prayer Warrior.


 Mark Roye and Team will be leading another team to Cambodia to build the third Compassion Acts’ Dreamers Park. We need to raise an additional $1o,000 to complete the project, so visit Potential team members may still apply at This summer we will spin CA out as it’s own ministry. So watch the monthly e-blasts for forth coming information. It is multiplication time!

 GIDEON’S 300 and BEYOND! 

 We have never faced the deficits that we are at this point and time in the combined ministries of EN•PS•CA. Watch the personal video where I tell you a dream I had this week. The Holy Spirit is issuing a call to 300 New Gideon Partners who give $1 a day, 100 to give $100 a month, and 10 to give a one-time gift of $1,000. We need your assistance right now as much or more than we did when I went thru the 8 years of cancer treatment. It is time to PUSH the Restart Button.

Will you help us do it? Help us push the restart button! Let’s agree together and see Prayer Storm continue to reach out monthly to over 75 nations, CA grow in its sphere of influence and help EN so I can have underwriting to continue my teaching, book writing and being one of your ambassadors to the nations!

 With Expectation! 

 Dr. James W. Goll