Friday, June 17, 2011


Though I spoke at my dad’s funeral at the Cowgill United Methodist Church in Cowgill, MO around 14 years ago, I have never talked a great deal about my dad publically or given tribute to him like I have my mom. My mom was my intercessor and merciful protector. But as I said with a packed church at my Dad’s graduation ceremony from this life to the next one – “My Dad was not given the best hand of cards to deal with in his life time. But thank God for GRACE! Because to the great grace of God my dad made into Heaven’s Gates as he had given his life to Jesus.” So on this Father’s Day – let me introduce to you my Father – Wayne Goll.

Kenneth Wayne Goll – or just Wayne as most people knew him, was the first born to Vernon and Rachel Goll on February 2, 1924. Dad grew up the oldest of 7 kids and in the time of the Great Depression in rural Missouri. He only received a 6th grade education and by the age of 12 had gone out on his own – unfortunately – forcefully. Thank God for Dad’s Aunt Effie, as she took him in and helped him find a place of nurture. Life was tough – and my Daddy and his Dad just did not see eye to eye. (Later in life they reconciled and all I knew growing up was enjoying spending time at Granddad and Gramma Goll’s farm, eating home made ice cream, riding on the tractor wagon and Christmas Gatherings where Uncle Gerald played his guitar and all of us first cousins playing upstairs. I was the oldest grandson. Everything seems fine to me – from the lens I looked through at that age.  But apparently it took some years for things to get that way. Back to my Dad or I will end up marveling in fond memories of years gone by.

My mom and dad married on April 24th, 1944 in the midst of WWII. My dad served in the Army in TN, NC and WY and possibly other locations that I do not recall. I have a great picture of Wayne and Amanda, as good looking newly weds in front of their military housing in Tulahoma, TN, hanging in my hallway in my home in Franklin, TN. Three children came forth from their union – Sandra, Barbara and me the youngest and only son – Jimmy Wayne. We were raised in rural MO and most of our lives our father ran a Lumber Yard in Braymer, MO. All three of us graduated from Braymer High School after attended grade school in Cowgill where we lived.  I spent scores of hours in my dad’s lumberyard just walking around and watching everyone work so hard!

The things I recall and love the most in my memories with my dad were getting ice cream cones at Merle’s Restaurant, 4th of July Celebration with Fireworks, the annual Fish Fry and Lord’s Acre Sale at the Methodist Church, and riding in his big truck to bring back lumber in what seemed like far away Kansas City. Our annual big vacation was to get to go attend the MO State Fair in Sedalia, MO. It was a trill. We were poor but we had each other. One of my favorite days was when my dad brought home for me a surprise birthday package in a little box. It was my baby pup Skipper that ended sleeping with me every night at the foot of my bed under my covers. He was my constant companion.

Dad retired after owning and running his own Lumber Yard in nearby Polo, MO around the age of 67. He only lived till be was 72 and went home to be with the Lord and join his mother Rachel around the throne after an intense battle with diabetes. My dad was and is missed by many to this day.

Today – this Father’s Day – in 2011. I want to thank the Lord for my rough, tough and strong dad. He was not dealt that greatest deck in like – but he went out loving Gospel Music and I sure he sings in some quartet in heaven’s choir to this day.

“Love you Dad!  Miss You!  Tell mom and Annie Hi!  Thanks for working hard and believing in me when I was cut from what seemed to be such a different cloth than you.”

Thank the Lord for Father’s Day!  I thank the Lord for the life of Kenneth Wayne Goll!

With Gratitude!

Your Son,

Jimmy – Jim – James W. Goll