Wednesday, February 1, 2012



While in Pasadena, CA this past week ministering at the Voice of the Prophets Conference,  I was ministering away on the theme of Prophecy Life. Then "it" happened!  What is the "it"?  HA! Hold on - I will get to "it"!

For me the SEER REALM opens up - sometimes unexpectedly. I wish it were by will - but it is not. It opens up to me especially while in worship, sometimes while just doing something natural and some times while ministering privately or sometimes on stage. 

This is how I got PRAYER STORM. I saw it. This is how I got The Beginning of the Third Great Awakening and other significant revelations. For me it is always something significant when this occurs.

Well while on the platform of Ambassador Auditorium, my spiritual eyes were opened and I saw the words SHOP written out in front of me hanging in mid air. Now those who know me, know I do like to SHOP! Ha! But of course, this was not a word from the Lord telling me to go shopping!  I was caught by this in front of everyone - hundreds present. Then as fast as I saw it a down load went right into me. Wanna know what I heard?

It's time for SHOP! It's time for the Salvation House of Prayer! Wow! That was amazing! I saw that there was grace in the room for at least 25 HOUSES of PRAYER that would carry this anointing for Prayer Evangelism...

So you realize that most of our amazing local church and House of Prayer expressions rarely actually pray for souls? Well, it time! It's time for the Salvation House of Prayer - so let's SHOP TILL WE DROP! Just incredible.
Declaring the word at H Rock

So this is not a condemnation on any of what exists today - it is a call to add God's heart for the lost in our many different Houses of Prayer expressions. It's time for the Harvest! So Let's SHOP!

By the way, sign up for "the hour that changes the world" with Prayer Storm at We will definitely be doing more SALVATION INTERCESSION there.




  1. Was there & heard the word. Was excited when I heard it & I'm on board.

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  3. How about actually going and preaching the gospel to people instead of sitting in a room praying for them?

    Jesus didn't send the disciples out to pray for salvation -- he sent them out to preach it..

  4. Yes I witness with this as God has called me to have my house be a house of prayer Salvation Hpuse Of Prayer!

  5. Last week the Lord highlighted Luke 10 to me. He reminded me that He sent the 72 to go before His face into all the cities where He was about to go. I say yes the GAP House of Prayer is a SHOP!

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  7. Yes and Amen to this word! We have been praying this way at the GAP HOP in Murfreesboro for our city. Last year there was a shift for me in the way I prayed and led worship at the HOP and this was it. It is time for the HOP to pray for and release those who are willing to go and reap the harvest. It's time for us to pray and to reap. We are a shop and I'm shopping! I am in complete agreement with Susan for our city.