Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reflections on Women on the Frontlines Conference

Blog with James W. Goll on Tuesday, March 8th 2011

Just returned from the Women on the Frontlines Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  It was a great blessing! Ponder with me for a moment. 14 years ago, my late wife Michal Ann and I started a conference in Nashville, TN that just kept on going year after year. It turned into her life message showing her and our pilgrimage of understanding and revelation.  We hosted 11 of these together. I hosted one after she graduated to be with the Lord. And now I have partnered with Patricia King for the last two years and the mantle for this and its message seems to be taking off with a new projectile!

This transformation of her life shaped her three books – Women on the Frontlines – A Call to Courage, A Call to the Secret Place and Compassion – A Call to Take Action. Just marvelous.  We took those three books and made a 40 Devotional Journal called Empowered Women at the on year of her graduation to be with Jesus.

In Michal Ann’s last will and testament that she hand wrote in much weakness, that she charged her family, friends and partners to carry on the ministry of Compassion Acts world wide. CA is an out growth of the Women on the Frontlines Conferences and her life before the Lord.  So it is an honor that her legacy and lineage continues.  A group of us is now considering hosting these conferences emphasizing social justice – around the world. This is amazing indeed. Unless a seed falls into the earth …

This years WOFL Extreme was fabulous. It represented a true joining of the generations. Gwen Shaw, Iverna Thompkins and Beth Alves were ambassadors of the older generation along with myself, Patricia King, Heidi Baker, Linda Valen and Stacey Campbell the middle generation. Danielle Strickland, Jennifer Toledo, Faytene and others were examples of the next rising generation.  The worship was amazing as it always is.

I gave a message on “Let the Women Speak”. While sitting in worship in preparations for my session, the Holy Spirit said to me, “I have a word for this conference on your shirt.” I thought that was unusual. Then I looked and at the bottom hem on my shirt in stitching it stated, “Enough Excuses! Just Do Something!” I turned to my friend Mark Roye sitting behind me and I asked him to look at the label on the inside collar of my shirt to see what it stated. It’s brand was “Refined Strength”. Wow! It was a new shirt I had just bought and I felt I was to wear it that day. That just added fuel to my word and was a great way to start the conference off.

So thank you Lord for the hundreds of lives that were touched. Thank you for the honor that Michal Ann’s legacy in Christ lives on and is now going global. The send is sprouting. Watch for details for the WOFL Canada in September 2011.

With Gratitude and Reflection!

James W. Goll

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  1. I just watched the WOFL 2011 conference archives. Im so excited to be going to Arizona in March 2012 to attend the conference for the first time in person.

    Bless you for all you do for His kingdom.