Tuesday, March 1, 2011

James Goll Comments on the 2010 - 11 Oscars

Hey There!

Welcome to my new blog! Most of you know I love movies and this year was no exception. In fact, unlike some years, this was a good year for film. If I qualified to vote - this year - my choices would have lined up well with the winners. Two of the major movies I have not seen - but I knew were going to win acting awards - was Black Swan and The Fighter.

I was thrilled that The King's Speech won Best Picture, Directing, Best Actor etc. Colin Firth did the job of a lifetime! His depiction of King George VI was marvelous - in fact beyond marvelous. The cameo of actors was superb and the casting was brilliant. I think this film has the possibility of aging well - getting better as the years go by. Some movies are for the moment and others are forever! This one is a classic in that sense. Watch Into the Storm about Churchill and put this one with it - and wow - you just got a short course in history!

I thought Inception should win - as it did - on more of the technical side of things - sound, creativity type concepts. I thought it had a good chance in screen play - I think it is so profound that you have to see it about 3 times to get the movie. I love deep intrigue and stuff like that. Having written the books The Seer and Dream Language - I was captivated by Inception.

Many, of course, were cheering for Social Network. It was an enormous relevant movie for the time and very well done! I don't feel it is a movie that will have a long shelf life though. It is a very time dated movie. Maybe not. But it sure captured the message and power of social networking. We sure do live in a new world and it did a great job of capturing this transition in communications.

I was shocked that True Grit was nominated for 10 awards. That was weird. The music was amazing. But just think about this - it is a drunken cowboy movie not a Billy Graham Crusade - so while I love gospel music - Leaning on the Everlasting Arms - was one weird fit! Not! Jeff Bridges is getting better with age and that 14 year old gal was amazing for sure! She sure deserved being nominated. But I was relieved that it did not really win a thing.

Part of me was cheering that Toy Story 3 would shock everyone and win! Ha! That would have been a sweet upset! Some consider it the Best Animated Film of all times. It might be only the second animated film to be nominated for Best Picture - Beauty and the Beast I think made it - might be wrong on that. (By the way - can we go back to the top 5 for Best Picture! Oscars - be secure - you are not the Golden Globes! Yikes - water it down a bit, huh!)

I was so glad that Robin Hood - or whatever it was called - was not nominated. I love Russell Crowe and company as actors. But I have a pet peeve - when something is billed up to be AMAZING and it is just GOOD - then I am disappointed. But if it is under billed - like The King's Speech - and is better than it's press - then I love it! Just the way I am wired. So I was glad it did not make it. Nice flying arrows, nice costumes, but really, Russell Crowe was a bit old for that role. Really now! It was the beginning phase of the dude's life - not the end of his life! Weird if you really think about it.

One of my favorite movies of the year was Secretariat. It was not nominated for anything. But as a feel good movie - it is just tremendous. It is an great true to life story told in a wonderful setting. A little slow in places - but it honestly was one of my over looked favorites of the year.

I loved How to Train Your Dragon and in any other year, it would have won Best Animated Feature Film. It is endearing to say the least.

Now - what I would do if I was a part of the Academy of whatever it is - I would add a new category - like the Grammies and Doves and some like that. I would add Best New Actor/Actress. I would make it one award - not two. I think that would add a lot of suspense, honor the next generation, and create some really good competition. That is the one area I would add. Come on now - you know that is a good idea!

The musical scores are always amazing in films - but it is so odd how the Best Song is often something so weak. Wow! I think we can do better than this! Come on song writers - step to the plate - I am waiting on a block buster song to go with a block buster movie! Oh well, that is me. I always got to Sing in the Rain! Hello Dolly, Titanic or something! So that is an area that really needs a shot in the arm.

Okay - odd thing for me to blog on you think for my first time? Not if you really know me. I am strongly committed to impacting the 7 Cultural Mountains. I want to see true believers be "in" the world but "not of" the world. We should be producing the best stuff! What do you think?

James W. Goll
President of Creative Consultants


  1. Yes indeed I agree that they need to have a category to inspire the next generation!!! You, and I too for that matter, like this idea because we inspire the next generation. They need our imput but they have so much fresh insite too that we need.

  2. Hello Mr. Goll,

    I have enjoyed watching you on Patricia King podcasts and really appreciate your insight. I follow you on twitter too and am so grateful for your reaching out to train others. Especially in areas people don't normally want to talk about like dreams and angels (etc).

    I appreciate your posting this as I have felt my appreciation for movies to be borderline sin (guilty pleasure) since I gave my life to Jesus. I know that sounds weird to some people, but my Christian friends are all over the map from avoiding ALL movies to others who watch anything they want with no prayer or discerning involved, and each person thinks they are spot on correct. When I got born again the Lord had me throw some movies away but not all so personally I just try to follow the conviction in my heart when selecting a movie to watch.

    I have some questions and they are not just about the Oscars so they may be off-topic. I am not sure how else to ask so I am going to ask in a public comment. I hope that is ok.

    A person high in ministry, if I said his name you would know him, said that Inception was not a godly movie so I opted to not view it (to clarify, that was my own personal choice, he did not suggest that). Here you have positive comments about the movie. I admire both yourself and the other Christian leader. Can you suggest criteria to decide whether or not watch a movie? Is it as simple as "Holy Spirit do i watch this movie?" That sounds super-spiritual to me and leaves my own personal God-given brain and ability to discern for myself out of the picture (I am not talking about man's logic, but a combination of hearing the Lord and my God-given decision making abilities). Are there basic questions I could ask of myself or the movie when reviewing it? After all the "PG13" "R" "G" type rating is not reliable (although I do appreciate the warnings about strong language, nudity, etc they put on there).

    After watching "Pans labyrinth" I saw the creature from the movie at the foot of my bed a few days later, so we cleaned house spiritually. I've seen in the spirit since at least 3 yrs old so I know what I saw. Is there a prayer you can suggest after watching a movie for spiritual cleansing?

    The experience from Pan's Labyrinth caused me to not want to watch Avatar; but when my husband rented it after it had been out of the 3d theatres and available on dvd for months, I found nothing spiritually to be concerned about. Hence the first question. So I cheated myself by not watching Avatar in 3d at the theatre.

    Another question: would you please share your favorite movie? I mean of all time. But if you wanted to break it down into per decade that would be good too.

    I don't know if you noticed this or not but movieguide.org has a report out that there is a trend where movies in 2010 were cleaner (less language, less violence, less nudity, etc.) than in other more recent years. Praise God for that!

    Personally I love old movies, like 1935 - 1970 especially. Give me a good old Alfred Hitchcock movie any day. I read that Jane Russell, a devout Christian, died recently. I was sad that I didn't know of her faith until she died! Typical Hollywood. Bury the faith stories.

    I know this blog is not intended to be solely about movies. It did occur to me if you wanted to suggest prayer points for movie stars or celebrities (for ex: athiests such as Robert Duvall, or Christian projects such as 'I am second' or authors such as Anne Rice who recently announced she did not want to be called a Christian anymore even though she believes in Jesus Christ, or anything else) this would be a good place to do that. The purpose being prayer points, not to over-analyze the individual and their choices.

    Thanks for reading all this and may the Lord bless you and keep you and your family too Mr. Goll.

  3. Wow! You are discerning! That is the key! Different people have different things they bring to the plate in their history. It does make a difference. We each have different callings. My four kids are all involved in the Art, Entertainment and Media Mountains. Partially, to have a relevant relationship with my kids - I need to understand their fields. It has helped to keep me more youthful in my thinking also - probably.

    There are some movies I just cannot watch - even if they are done well. I do not watch horrow films - and I do not watch blatant sex films. No way. No one should. There is a former spirit filled pastor from the Nashville are that went presumptously to impact Hollywood. It got him. TOday - he is a New Ager and a porn star. So - I have major boundaries - I have always been a boundaried man.

    I can see why some do like approve of Inception. It is alluring is a certain sense. Yet - I watch movies to check out - I am in meetings and conferences day and night - it is my one source of entertainment in a sense of even hobby. In fact, I love it! But I do not toss out my discernment - but I am not hyper spiritual about it either.

    Sometimes just bother my spirit. Some PG-13 - are so subliminal - that they creep me out. Others that are more violent - just do not jilt me at all. In fact, I love intrigue, Conspriacy and adventure films. I am a fan.

    Just met and prayed for the co-producer of Spiderman. I want to touch the industry. I want to impact socieity! I want to be in the world but not a part of it. Sounds like we are on a similar page.

    Some are called as Nazarites. I am one in most sense of the word. I was born of an Eliazabeth, kept myself pure sexually, never did drugs or alochol.... Just loved Jesus! But I also love life! For me film is one of those creative mediums we must use to touch todays' world!

    Blessings to You as you continue on your journey! Keep Him First Place in All Things!

    James W. Goll