Thursday, August 8, 2013

Making Adjustments

In this season of my life, the Holy Spirit has simply stated let go. This season has been a long one and we are not the ones who get to determine “what the directives are” or “how long a season lasts.” He simply wants me to simplify. I am sure you can relate to that.


In the past year plus, I have “let go” of the EN Alliance, EN Community, commissioning of leaders, let go of all staff buildings, released Compassion Acts to Mark Roye to be its own ministry, sold my family farm, lighting my writing and publishing load, and many other things. Even my last kid got married and moved out! 

So the Lord is helping me to go lighter and unburden myself. I continue to work on Health Adjustments and have progress that still needs made in that area. These things are all necessary for me to get repositioned before the Lord for whatever is next in life and ministry. Now “letting go” does not mean I am retiring or quitting – just empowering others and letting some things fall like a seed into the ground.


This will be my last posting on my blog for this period of time. Perhaps down the road I will do a Blog connected with Prayer Storm or On the Road with James W. Goll. But that time is not now.  Right now I am letting go of some of my social networking tools and going to major on the ones that are presently fruitful.

If you want to receive my weekly FREE MP3 messages and my teachings on prayer, the presence of God and revelatory things, then please go to my main web site at and sign up in the upper right hand corner. I will continue my twitter account and my facebook fan page.

I will also maintain a presence on You Tube and God Tube while letting some of my other social networking outlets go for now. Please visit my FREE resource section of my web site under the Communications Tab for EN Media. There are scores of free audio and video messages there on demand. I also carry a presence on XP Media and other sources.  But this will be my last BLOG for this period of time.

I hope you will sign up for my Free messages at and as well. Also remember my new online school at It is a great tool for mentoring!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

God Bless Each of You!

James W. Goll


  1. James thanks for faithfully forerunning the path ahead of us. I don't think we really understand just how narrow that path really is. It helps give understanding, encouragement, and language to those of us who are beginning to head down that same way.

    I've never really communicated it to you, but God has used you many times to guide me through places I didn't understand. I know there are multitudes who would say the same. To God be all the glory, but still a big thanks to His servant.

    My husband was recently diagnosed with cancer. Once again, in a completely unexpected way, I found myself searching for wisdom, direction, and answers through some of what you had written on that journey. I have thought about you and Michal Ann MANY times over the last couple of months and tried to imagine how you and she endured that battle at the same time. I am healthy, and it is VERY difficult.

    God bless you in every way possible and I look forward to the abundant fruitfulness that this "pruning" will produce.