Monday, October 29, 2012

When the Nation Been Thrown a Curve Ball


In early 2008, when the U. S. Presidential primaries were in full swing, I was given a visitation from the Lord. It was one I did not fully understand at the time. On the Republican side of the political aisle, John McCain had not yet secured his nomination from his party and Barak Obama was still in a heated debate with Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side of the ticket. Much was at stake and eventually; Barak Obama was elected President in the United States national elections close to four years ago.


What I am about to share is to be discerned and prayed over – as is the case in all revelatory experiences. It was only in recent months, after I relistened to a recorded word given to me by a trusted prophet in January 2010 that I realized the magnitude of the word given directly to me by the Holy Spirit. This prophetic person stated that I had been given a visitation in early 2008 that was for the country that was governmental in nature. I had thought it was for then, but the Lord said it was a word for what was about to come.
When I received the word in January 2008, I wrongly interpreted the message. I thought, “Oh that is about my visitation to start Prayer Storm – the hour that changes the world.” I thought – that is a great confirmation! Only in recent months when I relistened to the word recorded on my phone, I realized my commissioning encounter to start PRAYER STORM was in April 2007 not 2008!  So my interpretation was wrong. I was left musing.
So I searched thru my materials and realized, “I did have a visitation in early 2008. It was governmental in nature and for the United States of America.” (Maybe my getting it wrong and then getting it right will encourage some of the rest of you in your 3-stage journey of revelation – interpretation – application!)


        I was alone sleeping in a downstairs room in my home in Franklin, TN. Michal Ann was still with us at the time though very ill with her long fought battle with cancer. We had round the clock home caregivers with her whether in our bedroom, hospital and rehabilitation unit. We slept the last two years of her dear life a part, as she was constantly being taken cared for.
So I was desperate and seeking the Lord that night in this little hide away room down in our basement. That night the Lord gave me a vivid dream followed by a waking vision and an experience where the external audible voice of the Lord came to me.


            In the dream, I saw the nation on a teeter-totter tipping back and forth going to and fro – with great instability. We were going up and down and up and down and it seemed there was no relief is sight. The United States was reeling from fatigue of wars, corruption and economic uncertainty.
         Then the voice of the Lord came in the dream, “Liberalism will reign for a season in the land and then it will become popular for moderarcy to rule which could ultimately lead to true conservatism.” (It was not the word I honestly wanted to hear from the Holy Spirit at the time but it came very succinctly to me anyway. Sometimes, we have to remove our own preconceived prejudices with our tainted filters to be able perceive a clear word from the Lord.)
         Suddenly was awakened from the dream and the basement room was tangibly filled with the presence of destiny. I then saw in the seer realm a “baseball game in action”. A young pitcher was throwing a ball to the plate with great force and seeming agility. It was a curve ball that appears to be a strike but instead it was not a ball for the batter not to swing at. Another player was squatted behind the plate with a huge catcher’s mitt. He caught the off target ball as it pounded into his glove.
Then the external voice of the Lord came to me saying, “When the nation has been thrown a curve ball, I will have a man prepared who comes from the state of Michigan and he will have a big mitt capable of catching whatever is thrown his way.”


Strange word. I did not understand it except for the sequence – liberalism to moderarcy to the possibility of true conservatism.  I have “wrestled with this word and it has wrestled with me”. I remember even being in the state of Massachusetts at a church not long after this encounter, squatting to the ground and acting out the word about the Lord preparing a man from Michigan who would have a big Mitt! Mercy! Some liked what they heard and some did not. I was a bit clueless.
I thought it was for then – 2008 – and I guess part it was. Liberalism has ruled in the nation for the past four years. Some cheer this as a great success and other bemoan this as a disaster. Whatever your view, it has come to pass. Liberalism, unlike any recent time in modern American history, has ruled the land in the past four years.
But the Lord said there would be a man prepared who would come from the state of Michigan who would have a “big mitt”. Little did I know at that time that Mitt Romney – former Governor of Massachusetts, was born in the state of Michigan. Little did I know, when I received this in 2008, that he would win his parties primary for the 2012 national elections!


Let me give a word of perspective. We are not voting for a pastor or an elder or deacon of a church. This is not the next “senior pastoral selection committee”. There are many views and I value interaction, discussion and educated dialogue. Let me also be clear and state, I did not say who would win the national election. We have a free choice and God honors that. But He always offers us a choice.
As I have stated earlier, I have “wrestled with this word and it has wrestled with me”. I have pondered deeply if I should even share the word at all publically. I understand about praying revelation and at times not sharing your word with others. I have privately prayed more words than I have given in public. I have taught this realm for years and these truths are contained in my book The Prophetic Intercessor.
But being that we are in such a crisis of a crossroads in this nation, I for one cannot remain silent. I cannot let this word go unspoken. The Holy Spirit gave a confirmation to it to give me confidence. I have pondered and prayed thru this issue. I have made a decision to dare to be bold enough to share my subjective revelatory experience with you.
The New Testament says to, “Test all things and hold fast to that which is good.” But please, whatever you do, do not be apathetic in this hour. Get informed, even at this last minute, pray and seek the face of God and put works to your faith and VOTE!
This is our American liberty that men and women have fought and died for – the right for the voice of the people to be heard. I urge you – shake yourself off! Arise and make a difference. But this I do know: When the nation is thrown a curve ball . . . He has a plan!

Humbly Submitted,

James W. Goll


  1. Excellent post! Thanks for your courage in sharing it. I too agree with you in that God is moving on our nation again as people are pressing into Him. May this not just be just a season but a new lifestyle of holiness that will sweep over our land as revival fire falls and changes lives. Thank You!

  2. I agree, in January of this year, I was praying for this nation this year, for President Obama to either be brought to the light or removed from office, I heard the Lord speak that Mitt Romney will win the nomination and I believe he will win the election. I also heard that this will buy us, the Church, more time, and a very strategic time to reach the nation and the world. This is a very exciting time, We must use this time wisely.

  3. I am not sure about Mitt Romney. He has flip flopped on countless issues. And he is funded by big corporations and banks. To me, he is the same as Barack Obama. I do not question the authenticity of your vision though. But I am hoping God will raise a president up that has more integrity.

  4. James, what do you see now that the election is over?

  5. Waiting for a response....This election has taught us all to put our confidence in GOD! Not money, not religion, not man, or even ourselves! I trust God abd no man can determine our destiny...God is still in control....

  6. I am curious to to know your response as the outcome seemed to not fall in line with your vision. What are you seeing now?

  7. Ah! I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in late 60's and have a gift of tongue since then.
    I had a lot of dreams that came true. Even Carter loosing the election came true. But I gave up everything for the Holy Quran which is only true word of GOD.

  8. Keep speaking aloud what God continues to lay on your heart, Jim. /s/ Richard Matthis