Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Calling to Write – A Look Behind the Scenes

I wanted to write some personal this week in my Blog and as I prayed about it I thought I would give you a look behind the scenes and why I write as much as I do. We each need to review our callings in God from time to time and re-evaluate where we are and what we are doing. So here are some of my musings.

I still lived in Kansas City. It was 17 or so years ago. I had been on the road ministering and had just gotten home. I heard that there were extended meetings going on in Saint Louis at a church and that Rodney Howard Brown was ministering. I was hungry for more of the Lord and Michal Ann blessed me to go check things out. I decided to go with a couple of my friends. It was a fascinating series of meetings to me. I saw the raw anointing of God flowing through one of His servants.


I began to cry out loud in the middle of the service as this man of God would slowly pass through the crowds and simply touch them and say over and over again, “FILL!” Well, he eventually made his way to the left side where I was sitting with my friends. I kept declaring, “Right here! Right now!” I was not disappointed but was surprised by what happened. As the servant of the Lord touched me, I was taken up in the Spirit in what is called a trance. I was no longer aware of what was taking place in the meeting but rather brought into a place invited by the Holy Spirit where heavenly worship was taking place. Then I heard a word spoken to me.

 “I commission you to compose transferrable concepts for those who will be touched in the coming moves of God. I commission you to write books, training manuals, and audio and video messages to ground my people in the Word of God. Ground them in the understandings of the previous historic moves of God so that the enemy will not be able to steal from them the impartations I give to them. I commission you to write about Encounters with God so that they may be equipped to be all that I call them to be.

STUNNED BY THE WORD                                                     

The Seer Expanded Edition
Up to that point and time the only real writing I had done was my monthly newsletter. That was it. I was not trained in creative writing. My college degree was a BS in Social Work! But God does not always call the qualified; He calls the available. Then He trains the available and qualifies them to fulfill their calling.

Well, that was my “calling and commissioning” into a lot of what I still do to this day. I started having dreams of book titles and covers of books and study guides. Step by step the Holy Spirit led me and now today I have written some Best Sellers and some others – that are just as equally as good – but are relatively unnoticed books. I have now composed somewhere around 20 books, 20 study manuals and another 10 co-authored books.

This is now all leading up to the launch this fall of the God Encounters Training – E-School of the Heart – where faith and life meet. My hunger for more of the Lord led me into a journey that was a surprise to me. I am sure He also has some surprises in store for you as well.

So there is peak behind the scenes into My Calling to Write. I trust you have and will benefit from this personal note. Be All You Can Be!

 James W. Goll 


  1. "God does not always call the qualified; He calls the available." AMEN!!! I love this, as I don't have any formal training in writing either. I had a dream and was told, "You are called to be a writer and a poet." I started my blog and I write about my dreams, poetry, and music. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us James...this is so encouraging..I too am very unqualified...but God has called me and He is faithfully leading me each step of the way. Thank you for your gift to the Body of Christ!

  3. Jim, thank you very much for your transparency. Today, we need men and women that provides a way for the priorities, the present-day utility of God’s power, and contemporary purposes to be communicated to our generation.

    Thank you for the encouraging words!

    Stephen Galloza

  4. I thank God for your obedience. I've been blessed for your obedience. My entire family is thankful for we are all prophetic-equippers, teachers of the word with a prophetic annointing. Much of what we have learned and USED has been from your writing. Had you not written about it, knowing God, He would have brought it from elsewhere... Aren't you glad He chose you and you obeyed? God is making a distinction with you, James. When you came to Puerto Rico, I missed the opportunity to meet you though my brother called me. He was seating next to you at a meeting and had all access. But just to let you know that, though a little far, the word deposited in your spirit and written through your hands, has also found fertile ground in many places of the world.

    I have also started to write. The Lord called me since 1988, but I procrastinated (and repented for it!). God will have His way. I have almost 20 titles to write, and as it happened to you, God's still giving me ideas. I'm 48 now, but I finally obeyed. My first book in Spanish is "The power of obedience." Just went out on April 13, 2012. No one believed in it, but the Lord told me to "go forth!". I did. It may soon be in English. The Lord has been gracious with me and given me a chance to restart.

    Thanks for your words of courage! May the God of Truth, our Messiah, give you peace all the days of your stay on this Earth until the day of your calling! Keep on writing; we'll do the same.