Wednesday, September 14, 2011


          Michal Ann Goll - Devoted Wife and Beloved Mother
       Three years ago on September 15th, 2008, one of the kindest and most genuine ladies I have even known, graduated from this earthly realm to the eternal side of Heaven. My dear late wife of over 32 years, Michal Ann Goll, was one of the most disarming people anyone could have ever met. That morning, three years ago, I watched as she escaped her body racked from four years of intense cancer as flew into her heavenly reward in grace and peace. I was frankly relieved at that time, but I did not have a clue how much I would miss her and how many changes I would face. I miss her to this day.

         But for me, and for our four kids, and I am sure her three brothers as well as many friends and ministry partners, heaven became fuller and the earth became a lot emptier. Annie was the only woman I have ever loved. She made my heart sing. She poured oil onto my sometimes troubled soul as she often rolled her brown eyes in the top of her head and would just sigh and say, “Jim!” 

She laughed. She smiled! She loved the birds and her horses. She loved her family and the body of Christ. She served the Lord and the poor. She travailed for our children. She fought the fight of faith dauntlessly. Michal Ann never, never, never gave up! She was fierce in her faith and gave the enemy a many bad day! She praised her maker with her every breath. 

On this day, I pause to thank the Lord for the life of this focused woman – a true friend of God and a true friend of the secret place. Today she is healed. Today she is whole. Today she celebrates three years of dancing with the lover of her soul – Jesus! 

Today we miss her terribly and yet we continue on – continue on with Compassion Acts…. Continue on with life as our four great children have grown up finding joy, purpose and destiny in God. Today I walk with a limp, but continue on I do. Today, I stop, to thank the Lord for giving me 32 years with a great lady named Annie. Thank you Father for your plan of salvation. We are only parted for a short while!

Grateful for Eternity!

James W. Goll


  1. I am sure God agrees with your tribute, as I do.She was a wonderful gift to the world!

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  3. Very sweet! She would be pleased with that!

  4. thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute. what an inspiration to continue on...

  5. One of the greatest privileges in my life has been knowing Michal Ann Goll. She touched my life with the love of God. She was tender, kind, and a real mother's heart.

  6. She is most definitely missed... Awesome tribute. It was an honor to know her and serve the Lord with her.

  7. Jim, I am blessed and touched by your tribute to Michal Ann, a mighty servant of the Lord. I stand holding up your arms today as you and your family reflect on the wonderful memories of her life. I truly KNOW the walk you have journeyed with the battle. May the Comforter envelop you today. Thank you for being such an example of Him.