Saturday, July 2, 2011


Greetings to You Far and Wide!

I am composing this from favorite city on the earth: Prague, Czech Republic. Why do I say this? Because of it's amazing beauty, it's amazing history, and my personal history. Let me give you a look into the personal history.

In 1990, right after communism had lifted, I came here on my first momentous trip with Mahesh Chavda. The favor of the Lord rested on those amazing gatherings. Mahesh did evening healing meetings and I would share in the day time on intercession. The leaders did not know I was coming. They told Mahesh that they want to meet one of the "Kansas City Prophets". Mahesh told them - "He is one!" They took three steps back and thought I could tell them everything they had ever done! It is quietly hilarious and a divine set up. Favor and Fear were instantly granted!

This in turn led to a very significant and consistent time of ministry in the 90’s where I came here often working with a network of churches called Christian Fellowship, the Moravians, Christian Missions Society and others.  I brought various teams with me over the years; introduced the prophetic to them; taught a lot on prayer, learned to use the metro and ended up coming here something like a dozen times! One time, around 14 years ago, our entire family spent a whole month in Germany with Michal Ann and I ministering at a Training Center in Hannover. I then brought Justin to Prague on a train trip from Germany to Prague when he was like 13 years old. We attended an opera in some language we could not understand - but hey, we were in Mozart's favorite city! Good memories…. to say the least. 

I was blessed to revisit this country, after an absence of several years, and visited with some of the new leadership of the church in Prague a year ago on way to the Global Day of Prayer in Herrnhutt, Germany with my daughter GraceAnn. As a result of that visit, I was invited back to minister at their yearly annual conference. Thus I am here right now. Just had lunch with one of the leaders of their version of the Czech House of Prayer.

I will minister at a church this Sunday AM and will be the main speaker at the Christian Mission Conference Sunday night on Prayer and Revival. It is actually my birthday - July 3rd - my first time in my lifetime not to be with any family for my birthday. But hey, I am in my favorite city on the earth. I will be rejoined with my friend of years, Joel Staab of Wing and a Prayer Ministry, who has recently relocated to this land after years of work in Africa. Czech Republic was where I first met Joel many years ago and as a result of that ministry time I ended up inviting him to come and live with our family in Franklin, TN. He stayed for several years before returning to his calling in the mission’s field. Michal Ann always said our home was the Good Samaritan's Inn because someone in our family was constantly inviting someone to come and live with us. Ha!

So this trip is a type of “full circle” for me and a nice 59th Birthday present to be here in Prague. I will miss July 4th of course which is Independence Day in the U. S. But July 5th and 6th it also a holiday here in Czech Republic – they celebrate the lives of the founding Christian apostles of their nation - one being Jan Hus. Interesting! I never knew that connection till this trip! Awesome!

So Cheers to You from my Favorite City on the Earth!

Blessings to You!

James W. Goll


  1. Hello James! It is my favorite City too! I was there for some of your meetings in the early 90's when you came with a team. Joel is an old friend I worked with back then in Czech, wish I could be there! Say hello to Joel from me if you will. Blessings, Roland :)

  2. You can contact Joel at and he is starting a new email at In Germany at a Wellness Center now. Blessings!

    J W GOll

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