Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hey There!

Come and Get Some Light!

This is a special invite to come to a gathering in San Antonio, TX May 19 -
21 that is more than a conference. It is a time to getting prepared for the
days that lay ahead and a time putting feet to our faith. Yes, there will be
great speakers and worship leaders - but it is more than that. It is a call
in this hour to learn to become a champion of compassion. That does not even
take a special gift - that costs you everything!  Your time, your money,
your heart, your energy, our love.... It is a heart deal.

On Thursday afternoon one of the leading spokesmen of Compassion in this
nation - Doug Stringer of Somebody Cares International - with his team will
lead a special session from 1 - 4 PM on Disaster Preparedness. He is a
seasoned voice having headed up emergency relief work in many nations - and
in our own. There is NO charge for this but a manual costing $30 is

The official conference begins at 7 PM at Tri Point Center at 3233 N. St
Mary's in San Antonio, TX. Patricia King is our first night speaker, the
leader of Extreme Prophetic and a great champion of justice in this
generation. Mark Roye of Blood N Fire San Antonio and James W. Goll of
Prayer Storm in Franklin, TN will acts as hosts and share along the way.
Doug Stringer will join us in other sessions as well as the prayer leading of
Beth Alves of Increase International, prophetic ministry with Ryan Pena of Spirit of Life and other ministries to the poor and oppressed being represented.

Passionate evening worship will be led by Mckendree and Rachel Tucker from
PA and devotional worship lead by Tina Bolinger of TN. We close out Saturday
night - not with a meeting - but by going out and doing a block party to
feed the poor etc. It will be exciting!

Visit for more details to register or simply call
1-877-200-1604. Evening meetings are Open to the Public with offerings being
received. Day time registered guests get a FREE copy of Michal Ann and James
W. Goll's book Compassion - A Call to Take Action - a $15 value!

Tell Others!  Let our Light Shine in Darkness and let's prepared to make
impact for Jesus Christ Sake!

Expecting Great Things!

James W. Goll and Mark Roye

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