Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The Two-Story House
  Amazing Dream Encounter of the Joining of the Generations

I was ministering at my third city in two weeks in Australia and was ministering in Sydney at Jubilee International Church at their conference. We had already had a great conference and now I was pondering what the Lord had for these precious people down under for my closing session with them. That Sunday morning the Holy Spirit gave me another stunning vivid dream of a Two-Story House. The senior leader of the church’s name was Finni. It’s plays out as significant in the dream.
In the bottom or first floor of the house, I was standing in a room filled with “fathers of the faith”. Standing next to me was the senior leader, Finni, of Jubilee Church, a father in his own right. Instruction and apostolic exhortation was being released and a realm of the purposes of God was being released into the atmosphere. On the second floor, right above our heads, was the next generation of leaders emerging. They were wildly hungry and in passionate worship. Interesting, the young adult pastor of this church was standing right above Apostle Finni’s head. Right above my head was a next generation leader named Steven.
A song erupted on the second floor of the house and everyone joined in singing, “Father Finni, has many sons; many sons has Father Finni. I am one of them and so are you. So let’s just praise the Lord!” This song, of course, was a take off of a children’s church song from years ago called “Father Abraham” but the words were changed to “Father Finni”.
I knew that this was literally about Senior Pastor Finni as one of his sons of the faith – Darrel - was leading the singing. I also knew it was a play on words concerning Charles Finney, fabled American revivalist. The Holy Spirit was saying that as true fathers of the faith arise, there would be an entire generation of “revivalist” arise. The dream was electric and charged with high energy.
Next thing I know – I realize that Finni’s ceiling was the floor Darrel was standing on right above his head. My ceiling was Steven’s (evangelist listed in the Book of Acts) floor. Then the song changed and both generations – though on different levels – began singing the same new song. It was very techno and everyone in unison was chanting, “Everybody Dance Now!” We danced in glee to the sound of the new song. Then the words shifted to, “Everybody Jump Now!” It was time for everyone to go higher than they had ever been and JUMP to new heights.
The whole house turned into holy chaos and then the voice of the Holy Spirit came to me and stated, “The ceiling of the fathers will be the floor of their sons.” (This was not about chronological age in reference to being a “son” as there were grown adult men in the “upper room” who were actually even older in age than Finni or I. It was not just about men either as when I woke up, I knew this was about the joining of the generations – gender inclusive.)  I woke up very energized filled with supernatural strength and knew I had the word to close out my last session with the assembly in Sydney, Australia.
I have heard a few men of God in the generation previously state, “Our ceiling will be the next generation’s floor.”  That statement always sounds good and right to me, but now I knew it by revelation. Yes, we have come to a point and time of the synergy of the generations. We will passionately worship the Lord together and jump to new heights. A sound will explode from the upper room once again as an entire generation arises to be the Finney’s and the Stephen’s of this gc new apostolic church age.  “Everybody Dance Now!”

With Anticipation!

James W. Goll

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  1. I LOVE this! I see it, and was listening to a dance techno song as I read it and Holyspirit took me up into that crowd of joy and jubilation!Amazing...I have renewed vision for the coming together of the generations you say and encountered! Lets do it in the natural now! Thanks for taking the time to blog, I am a blogger too and will follow closely,Awesome!!